Brazilian Carnival BBQ at the Hostel

Some spicy chicken wings and sausages ... YUM!

Last Saturday we celebrated the Notting Hill Carnival weekend with a Brazilian BBQ party of our own at the hostel. Alyssa organised a great party for our hostel guests. The BBQ was geared up to grill Brazilian BBQ specialties, we had Brazilian music playing in the garden and Alyssa's friend even gave some Salsa lessons.

The weather wasn't quite sure what it wanted to do at first, but after some great sunshine and then a heavy shower it settled in enough to allow us to party on until late at night.

At the Saint James Hostel we try to organise some fun event or party every Saturday. So when you stay with us we hope you can join in on our next party.

We are always open to theme suggestions for our parties, so if you have any ideas, please let us know! 

And finally here is one more video from the BBQ. For more videos from the hostel, please visit our YouTube channel at

P.S.: Happy Birthday Max! It was Max's birthday as well, so of course we had to combine the celebrations. :)


Bye bye hangover!

If you had big plans for today we hope we could help with a special Sunday breakfast. And if it was a hangover you were trying to beat the breakfast definitely was the perfect start of the day for you!

Our hostel staff was up early in force to prepare a premium breakfast for our guests. With large amounts of bacon, eggs and baked beans Estelle and Armia were very busy cooking. We also had extra yummy pastries, the best glucose for the bad hangover moments (lol) and, of course, fruit and yogurt for those watching their waistlines. The weather was nice so we enjoyed the big breakfast in the garden as well.

Edit: Due to the overwhelming success of our Sunday breakfasts, we are serving full English breakfasts (with sausages, bacon, scrambled & fried eggs as well as baked beans) every day now.

Free London Walking Tours

Free London Walking Tours

Ask our reception and we can help you book your free London walking tour(s).

The walking tours take place daily.

There are 3 different walking tours:

  • London Free Tour
    Wind your way through the streets of Westminster with passionate, professional local guides as we introduce you to the personalities who made London the vibrant capital it is today and check out Royal Palaces, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Downing Street, monuments, squares & gardens, stories, legends, lesser-known London and so much more.

  • East End Tour
    Join us as we travel through the ages, looking at how this area and its eccentric characters have shaped London, the UK and the creative world.

  • Old City & River Walk
    On this 2.5 hour tour we'll travel back in time and learn about the fires and plagues that once ravaged this area, now home to some of the most powerful financial institutions in the world, before exploring the lifeline of London - the river Thames.