• Check-in is at 2:00 PM

  • Check-out is at 10:00 AM (Late checkouts will result in a £10 fee per hour, per person)

  • Minimum age to check in is 18. We will allow anyone aged 16+ to check in without an accompanying adult, as long as they have their parents/guardians permission (emailed to us).

  • Be respectful of all other people at all times; we have zero tolerance for any abuse, either verbal or physical towards any other guests or any of our staff.

  • You must leave communal areas clean after using them.

  • You must wash up after yourself. When cooking you must clean and wash-up before eating, so the next person can use the equipment and area.

  • We are in a residential area; after 11:00 PM no excessive noise. Excessive noise is classified as anything deemed too noisy by the on duty receptionist or senior members of staff.

  • No Smoking on the front steps of the building; doing so will result in a £10 fine.

  • We DO NOT permit external guest; only people who are currently guests of the hostel are allowed on the property.

  • The garden closes at 12:00 AM. No guest it permitted to be in the garden after this time.

  • No guests is permitted to enter the private basement flat.

  • The kitchen is open 24/7, but is used to cook the communal meal every day between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM, therefore during these times there will be restricted access, and you will not be able to use the hobs or ovens.

  • Dinner is free but not guaranteed; there are limited spaces for dinner; you must sign up at reception each day before 16:00, signup is done on a first come first serve bases. If you cannot make it here in time please just call us and request to be put on the list. (Not applicable to groups)

  • As there are limited places please do not sign up for dinner if you will not be there to collect it at 8:00 PM. Absence from dinner will result in a one week ban from signing up again.

  • All guests must keep a reasonable level of personal hygiene. Reasonable level is determined by senior members of staff.

Dorm Room Rules

  • Minimum age to stay in a dormitory is 5.

  • Be considerate to all of the other guest in your room, at all times.

  • You must keep your possessions tidy and out of the way of the main walk way of the room.

  • Do not place anything on other beds. Doing so may result in the items being removed, or even worst taken by another guest.

  • Do not use other people’s bedding or sleep in the wrong bed; doing so will result in a £5 fine. If you wish to change bed you must come to reception and request to do this.

Failure to comply with any of these rules can result in you being asked to leave the hostel immediately, regardless of the remaining length of your stay. If you are asked to leave no refund will be granted.