Earls Court Exhibition Centre Accommodation & Discount Codes

Our hostel is a mere 5 minute walk from Earls Court Exhibition Centre and we regularly have guests attending events at the exhibition center.

We thought we'd make it even sweeter for you to find cheaper accommodation in London by offering you a

10% Discount Code

for your stay at Saint James Hostel.

We are a hostel of high standards (with dorm & private rooms) and would be proud to make your stay a pleasurable one without having to pay some of the highest hotel room rates in London when staying near Earls Court and Kensington.

Please use the code listed with each event below to make your reservation with us by phone or e-mail.

Our Reception is staffed 24/7 and is looking forward to your call on +44 7450 645 573 or your e-mail to info@saint-james-hostel.co.uk

Feel free to share any discount code with your friends.

Tesco Wine Fair - 13-14 September 2014

Bring a nice bottle of wine back to the hostel and enjoy it while making new friends.
Discount Code: WEB-TESCO-WINE-0914

100% Design - 17-20 September 2014

Our hostel rates are designed 100% to save you money when visiting London ;)
Discount Code: WEB-100-DESIGN-0914


EGX London - 25-28 September 2014

Let us know what video games you would like to play at the hostel and we'll make sure we have a games console ready ... evidence: http://instagram.com/p/p0k9iGs9iJ
Discount Code: WEB-EGX-GAMING-0914

National Wedding Show - 26-28 September 2014

The money you save with us at the hostel is far more wisely spent on the wedding dress or the great honeymoon hotel suite.
Discount Code: WEB-WEDDING-SHOW-0914

The Cake & Bake Show - 03-05 October 2014

Our 2 ovens in the hostel kitchen are looking forward to the best cakes baked in them EVER! :)
Discount Code: WEB-CAKE-BAKE-0914

If your event is not listed here, no problem. Simply use the generic Discount Code: WEB-EXHIBITION-1

If your event is missing, please let us know, so we can add it for everyone.

[Last Update: 14 August 2014]