Budget Accommodation for Chelsea Matches in London

If you are coming to London to watch your team play Chelsea at home and are looking for cheap accommodation near the Chelsea F.C. Arena/Stadium at Stamford Bridge you should definitely stay with us at the Saint James Hostel.

We are the perfect place to stay when you are visiting Stamford Bridge.

We are the perfect place to stay when you are visiting Stamford Bridge.

As you can see on the map below, our hostel is very near Stamford Bridge (about a 15-20 minute walk).

We are offering all football fans visiting a Chelsea home match 10% Off if you book directly with us by phone or e-mail.

Just use the discount code: WEB-CHELSEA-HOME-MATCH

Also, please feel free to pass this code on to other football fans in your fan-club, and of course friends and family too.

Chelsea Home Game Dates

These are the Premier League home game dates for Chelsea FC.

13. September 2014 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Swansea City

27. September 2014 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

5. October 2014 (Sunday)
Chelsea vs. Arsenal

1. November 2014 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. QPR

22. November 2014 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. West Bromwich

3. December 2014 (Wednesday)
Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur

13. December 2014 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Hull City

26. December 2014 (Friday)
Chelsea vs. West Ham

10. January 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Newcastle United

31. January 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Manchester City

11. February 2015 (Wednesday)
Chelsea vs. Everton

21. February 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Burnley

14. March 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Southampton

4. April 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Stoke City

18. April 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Manchester United

2. May 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Crystal Pallace

9. May 2015 (Saturday)
Chelsea vs. Liverpool

24. May 2015 (Sunday)
Chelsea vs. Sunderland


[Last Update: 28th August 2014]